End of the School Year Activities for Secondary ELA

Hi teachers! The end of the school year can definitely be a memorable time, but it can certainly be exhausting (mentally and physically!) What’s most important to remember is that you keep your students BUSY. Have a plan in place for what those days look like, otherwise, chaos will ensue (no joke, the energy onContinue reading “End of the School Year Activities for Secondary ELA”

Poetry Activities for Secondary ELA

April is National Poetry Month! This is a great time to get your students thinking, reading, and writing all things poetry. Here are a few low-prep ideas to get you started. Read the poem-a-day at Poets.org. Poets.org: Poets.org is produced by the Academy of American Poets. It is the original online resource for poems, poets’Continue reading “Poetry Activities for Secondary ELA”

How to Hold a Mock Trial in Secondary ELA

Why do a mock trial in secondary ELA? Mock trials can be one of the most memorable activities you do all school year! They are meant to be used as a fun summative assessment at the end of reading any complex text. Students are assigned different roles within the trial and must research the bestContinue reading “How to Hold a Mock Trial in Secondary ELA”

SBAC Testing Resources for Secondary ELA

Hi teachers! It’s testing season in the U.S., and for those of us that teach in a Smarter Balanced Assessment state, I wanted to share a few resources to help your secondary ELA students be prepared! SBAC ELA Computer Adaptive Test (CAT) Heavy Hitters Study Cards Help your students knock the SBAC CAT (Computer AdaptiveContinue reading “SBAC Testing Resources for Secondary ELA”

Career Resources for Secondary ELA

Hi teachers! It’s never too early to get your students thinking about their future careers. Here are some great resources that will help your students find their way!  Mock Job Interview Resources Get your students to prepare seamlessly for their first job interview with this comprehensive resource! Includes common job interview question cards and answers.Continue reading “Career Resources for Secondary ELA”

Secondary ELA March Activities Round-Up

Hi teachers! It’s nearing the end of February and March is already next week! Before we get to spring break, there’s plenty of fun holidays and activities that you can celebrate in your secondary ELA classroom. Daily Celebration Grammar Bell Ringers for Secondary ELA I’m starting a new product line that celebrates every day inContinue reading “Secondary ELA March Activities Round-Up”

Games and Manipulatives for Secondary ELA

Hi teachers! Getting hands-on in the secondary ELA classroom is easier than you think. When students can organize information at their own pace and with others collaboratively, magic happens! Here are a few ideas for incorporating games and manipulatives in your lessons! Roll a Question Resources With these resources, students roll two dice to getContinue reading “Games and Manipulatives for Secondary ELA”

Secondary ELA Valentine’s Day Activities Round-Up

Hi teachers! Valentine’s Day isn’t just for elementary grades; it can be an exciting season in the secondary ELA classroom too! It’s a great season for poetry writing and inspiring words of love! Valentine’s Day Poetry Writing With Valentine’s Day Poetry Stations, students rotate through 7 stations and experiment with these types of poetry. ​​Students recordContinue reading “Secondary ELA Valentine’s Day Activities Round-Up”

Secondary ELA January Activities Round-Up

January is the beginning of a new year and also a great time to give your students a “reset” for their academic lives. Here are some great choices for starting off fresh! New Year, New Student Bingo Challenge With the New Year, New Student Bingo Challenge, you can get your students motivated to change oldContinue reading “Secondary ELA January Activities Round-Up”

Easy Prep Holiday Activities for Secondary ELA

For most of you, winter break is just a few weeks away. What are you going to spend time teaching when students’ attentions spans get gradually shorter and shorter as the promise of vacation lurks near? As it gets to the end, I do all our usual end of semester testing and finals, but IContinue reading “Easy Prep Holiday Activities for Secondary ELA”