Top 10

#1 Roll an Icebreaker Question

Take the pressure off you and your students with this fun getting to know you game! Included are 8 different mats with over 250 different fun icebreaker questions! All you need to do is print and provide dice! Students can play in pairs or in groups! Or play as a whole class!

#2 Letter to a Future Student Mad Libs

Put a twist on the regular “letter to a future student” activity that everyone does at the end of the school year! Students first fill out the parts of speech table with silly choices! Then, they transfer their answers to the letter! Students can read their letters to each other or out loud to the class for some good laughs before you say goodbye!

#3 Budgeting Board Game

Teach students how financial decisions can affect their lifestyle choices! This resource helps pre-teens and teens understand what budgeting looks like when you become an adult. Students will have to make a series of decisions that reflect how much they can save per month (or how much debt they accrue per month), and hopefully illustrate to them in a tangible way how financial decisions can truly affect the lifestyle they want to lead.

#4 The Tell-Tale Heart Mock Trial

Get your students into the characters and events of “The Tell-tale Heart” by Edgar Allan Poe with this comprehensive Mock Trial resource! Your students will love playing their roles when you transform your classroom into a courtroom!

#5 Career Research Project + Mock Career Fair

Get your secondary students thinking about the future with this amazing resource and project! Everything you need to get started is included! Works best in a 1-to-1 technology classroom. Also included are video tutorials and real pictures of student work!

#6 The Monkey’s Paw Owner’s Manual

Get your students to reread the text as a fun way to end your study on “The Monkey’s Paw” by W.W. Jacobs! It’s a great way to check student’s understanding of the story, and also helps flex their creative writing skills!

# 7 Editable Classroom Procedures Scavenger Hunt

Get your students up and moving to learn your classroom procedures in a new and engaging way! Place classroom procedure cards around the room. Students race to fill out their answer sheets without you having to explain everything verbally! The answer sheets also double as a classroom contract! Everything is completely editable with Google slides – choose from 20 pre-filled heading ideas or make up your own!

#8 Email Etiquette Lesson + Activities w/ Google slides

Never receive another poorly-worded email again! This resource comes with both a teacher slideshow to project and an interactive student slideshow! 7 interactive activities are included + short quiz at the end to test their new knowledge! Also comes with a bonus mini poster for a great visual reminder after the lesson!

#9 Crime Scene Reports For Any Text

Give your students the chance for real world application with Crime Scene Reports! Comes with three different templates and can be used with any text and/or character! Great for mock trials or pretend investigations!

#10 The Odyssey Theme Park: End-of-Unit Project

Use this project as the perfect end on your study of “The Odyssey”! In groups, students create and market a theme park using the events and characters of the epic poem. Students can create everything on paper, entirely online using Google classroom digital tools, or a combination of both!