Hybrid Socratic Seminar: Two Simultaneous Classroom Discussions

What is a Socratic seminar? A Socratic seminar is a  formal discussion (NOT a debate), based on a text(s), in which students ask open-ended questions and discuss answers to deepen their learning and  understanding. Socrates, the Greek philosopher, believed that the answers to human questions and problems reside within us, but as mere mortals, weContinue reading “Hybrid Socratic Seminar: Two Simultaneous Classroom Discussions”

Presenting at a Teaching Conference

I don’t know what it is about speaking in front of other teachers, but when I have to do it for professional development from time to time, I often get really stressed out and worry about it the entire time until it’s over. Other teachers share the same sentiment! Odd being that we speak inContinue reading “Presenting at a Teaching Conference”