Easy Prep Valentine’s Day Activities for Secondary ELA

Hi teachers!

Valentine’s Day isn’t just for elementary grades; it can be an exciting season in the secondary ELA classroom too. It’s a great season for poetry writing and inspiring words of love! Read to the end for a Valentine’s Day freebie!

Valentine’s Day Poetry Writing

With Valentine’s Day Poetry Stations, students rotate through 7 stations and experiment with these types of poetry. Each station comes with direction, an example, and manipulatives. ​​It’s great to have students get up and move around the classroom to keep things fresh. At each station, students record their poetry in a memorable keepsake Valentine’s Poetry Mini Book with space for every station.

Or maybe do an Ode to a Book Character! Students dive deep into their creativity to create poems that represent their chosen book character in a new and exciting way. Everything you need for easy modeling and scaffolding is included.

Roll a Romance Story

How about a story about a strong chef who is enamored with a shy acrobat on an airplane? Have students generate unique ideas for Valentine’s Day stories by rolling a die! Students roll a die 6 times to generate a random main character (and adjective), action, secondary character (and adjective), and setting. Then they write a story that incorporates all this criteria in a creative, humorous, and/or romantic way. Final stories can be read out loud or written with a partner or group for maximum fun! 6 mats are included. Each mat is editable so you can customize fun ideas for your own classroom.

Love Letter + Breakup Letter Mad Libs

Inevitably, you’ll have students who will grumble or complain about Valentine’s Day. They might complain they don’t have a significant other, or that the day is way too childish. This resource might be the solution! Have students choose from a love or breakup letter to write for Valentine’s Day. The results can be hilarious, no matter how students feel about this holiday.

Students first fill out the parts of speech table with silly choices. Love-related adjectives and verbs are included for inspiration. Then, they transfer their answers to the letter! Students can read their letters to each other or out loud to the class for some good laughs!

Shakespeare Love Quotes Bulletin Board Kit + Tearable Quotes Page

Spruce up your classroom with the bard’s classic words of love! Consider supplementing your Shakespeare unit on one of his plays or sonnets with this resource. Everything you need for a stunning bulletin board is here – quotes, banner, and 16 quotes about love from Shakespeare’s famous plays and sonnets. It’s completely editable so you can customize the quotes on the board. Also comes with a bonus tearable quotes page so your students can pass the love on to others!

FREE Valentine’s Bookmarks

Join my mailing list to get this resource for free, along with other great exclusive secondary ELA freebies every month. These “punny” bookmarks make a fun student giveaway!

Thanks for reading and Happy Valentine’s Day!


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