Games and Manipulatives for Secondary ELA

Hi teachers!

Getting hands-on in the secondary ELA classroom is easier than you think. When students can organize information at their own pace and with others collaboratively, magic happens! Here are a few ideas for incorporating games and manipulatives in your lessons!

Roll a Question Resources

With these resources, students roll two dice to get to know each other and/or dive deep into any literary work or informational article! There’s also an editable version of this resource so you can make up your own questions!

ELA Tarsia Puzzles

These puzzles are fun for students to work together on! Students match the triangle sides with vocabulary pairs. Just print, cut, and go! They’re also fun with partners or groups! Includes an editable version so you can use whatever vocabulary you like!

Ranking Connotations

Manipulatives can also be done online! In this activity, students rank synonyms from most positive to negative connotations by dragging and dropping the digital cards in a Google slideshow! 18 slides are included for practice and discussion!

Thanks for reading and happy gaming!


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