Career Resources for Secondary ELA

Hi teachers!

It’s never too early to get your students thinking about their future careers. Here are some great resources that will help your students find their way! 

Mock Job Interview Resources

Get your students to prepare seamlessly for their first job interview with this comprehensive resource! Includes common job interview question cards and answers.

Career Research Project + Mock Career Fair

With this resource, students research a career and simulate a career fair in your classroom. Invite parents and staff to check out their hard work!

Resume + Cover Letter Writing Resources Bundle

Get your students to prepare seamlessly for their first job application with these two comprehensive resources! Examples and templates are included in both printable and digital resources. 

Budgeting Board Game

What about financial literacy? This is a fun and easy way to introduce some cross-disciplinary lessons in your ELA classroom. Students will be begging to play again and again!

Thanks for letting me be a part of your planning! 


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